If you aren't change your own oil, do you think should you be changing your own website?

Small businesses and those with established marketing team have at least one thing in common;​

There's just not enough time or staff to regularly deal
with their website or marketing demands.

Having an outside consultant to get your site established and kept updated, or to handle those small projects that often fall in the gap, allows YOU, your Marketing/BD personnel, time to continuously focus on your firm’s goals for growth without interruption.

An outside consultant will not only allow staff to work more efficiently, but could also energize the team and bring a new perspective and focus!

I’m here to bridge the gap that exists within small businesses and over-extended marketing teams.

Hi there! I'm Rhonda, your digital mechanic.

My services

Web Development

If you have a design in hand or will know what you like when you see it, I can convert your design into a responsive website.

Monthly Maintenance

Just like your vehicle, your website needs regular maintenance. Let me handle the monthly ins and outs of keeping your site running and in top condition. Most site owners know they’ll need to be able to do a little work on their sites from time to time, but there are many things under the hood of your site that you’ll want to make sure are handled professionally and with best practices in mind. That’s where I come in.

On Your Own Time

If you are going through some indecision, or you know that you have regular, unscheduled changes and updates, buy my time upfront and use at your leisure.


In 1748 Benjamin Franklin  wrote in his Advice to Young Tradesmen,

“Time is money”

Now over 250 years late this cliché still rings true. So what is 9 seconds worth to you?

9 seconds* is what the average attention span is clocked at these days. People today expect instant results. Instant gratification.

It’s important that your website captures that attention and quickly satisfies what your visitor came to you for in the first place.

Maybe you don’t have enough time in the day, or have no idea where to start; maybe you’re not sure who should know how to do what and whether it’s Marketing or IT?

Let me bridge the gap between you and your next customer, the world or your marketing department.