So, if you looked around, I’ve mentioned a few times that I like to build stuff, both with code and 2x4s.

Most recently I built this sectional set for my back porch. I used new wood for the couches and reclaimed wood for the table. I had a plan for the first couch, altered it for the second and just pieced together the table from the left-overs.

I stained it with a deck sealant and waterproofer in cedar and clear, so it would be smooth to the touch (bc honestly, I didn’t want o sand it to much).

I used a clear sealant on the reclaimed wood and cedar on the new (although the table frame is new wood, the picture is before it was stained.) I’m not sure how I feel about the cedar color, I think I’ll use satin next time.

Tell me what you think. Would you buy something like this. More specifically, would you buy it from me?

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