So I’m here at Wordcamp DFW 2017, UNT campus, Fort Worth, TX.

I like it. It’s nice to be surrounded by people who understand. There are so many acronyms, plugins, programs, best practices.

A few things that I observed or experienced:

  1. We LOVE our swag, especially stickers.
  2. We all have what my kids describe as that “nerd” vibe; some with glasses, backpacks/bags, caffeinated beverages, tattoos. I think we look like a bunch of skaters. But truthfully, there is such a vast diversity of developers here, of all ages!
  3. Talking with one another, everyone is so helpful, suggestive and solution oriented.
  4. There is no problem too big or idea that is ridiculous.
  5. EVERYONE wants to help, has ideas. Such a supportive community.

If you are just getting interested in web design, or are interested in an easy to use program that includes a supportive community, try WordPress. You’ll be amazed at the vast options that are available to you.

Like one of our sessions today is titled, “If You ThinkIt, You Can Build It”.

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